Subdivision Development

Requirements for Bituminous Road Improvement

Because of the increased burden on roadways that serve new, planned developments, the Township requires that those roadways - often gravel roads formerly serving area farms - be improved to safely bear the burden.

Ordinance conditioning subdivision development on bituminous roadway improvements (2007)

Cable Television

Regulation of Cable Television

A summary of the requirements for granting and operating a franchise to provide cable television service to the Township.

An ordinance concerning regulation of cable television (2011)


Right-Of-Way Management

Regulations for the maintenance of public right-of-ways and keep them free from unnecessary encumbrances.

Right-of-way management ordinance (2013)

Driveway Requirements

Driveways and Culverts

This ordinance applies to the construction or modification of driveways, culverts and public accesses located within New Market Township.

Ordinance regulating the construction and maintenance of driveways & culverts (2016)

Front Yard Setbacks

Requirements for Residential Front Yard Setbacks

Setbacks for all buildings and structures.

Ordinance repealing 2016-003 front yard setback requirements (2020-002)

Ordinance adopting front yard setback requirements (2016-003)

Right to Farm

Preservation of Agricultural Livelihoods

In recognitions of ongoing farming activity in New Market Township, this ordinance protects a resident's right to engage in farming and farming related activities now and into the future.

Ordinance establishing a right to farm in New Market Township (2006)

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