Next General Election: November 7, 2023

Election Cycle Changes

In 2017, townships within Scott County were notified that the County would no longer support March elections. The New Market Board of Supervisors resolved in December, 2017, to support a transition to November elections, something the County would continue to support. New Market electors approved a ballot initiative at the Annual Meeting in March, 2018, to move March elections to November of even-numbered years.

Election Information

A Transition Plan was drafted by the Board of Supervisors in January, 2018, which was put into play when the ballot initiative was approved in March. The Transition Plan resolved how current Supervisor terms would be extended in order to allow for designated terms to expire on alternate election cycles. Board of Supervisors terms changed from 3 years to 4.

Without County support of elections, the residents of New Market Township would bear the cost of administrating elections themselves.

Documents Supporting the Election Transition

Believing that it was in the best interest of the Township, the Board supported the moving general elections to November and resolved to put the question to the township voters: Resolution designating November for township general elections

If general elections were to move to November, a plan was needed for an orderly extension of Supervisor terms: Resolution designating a plan for transitioning from March to November township general elections

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