Road and Street News

Road and Street News

Snow Plowing

One thing YOU can do to help assure better service is to clearly mark the edge of your property with snow poles. This is especially important if you have curbing in front of your property.  This will help preserve our roads and prevent damage to your lawns.

You can view and download the township’s official snow-plowing policy here.

Frost Boils

Throughout the winter - but especially in the spring - the ground is subjected to repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Frost boils (also known as mud boils, frost scars and mud circles) are upwellings of mud that erupt through a gravel road. The Township has adapted a policy to deal with them.

Capital Improvement Projects

Current Street Improvement Planning

Feasibility reports were drawn up in 2018 for designated roadways in New Market Township. Public meetings have been held concerning both projects.

Feasibility Report for Project Groups A & B
Feasibility Report for Project Groups C & D

Paved Road Construction (2017 & 2018)

A 5 year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) was developed for Capital paved street reconstruction projects and maintenance activities. The CIP was developed from a collaboration between Braun Intertec Corp. and the Township Road Supervisor and Engineer.

Braun Intertec Corp. presented their 2015 Report findings and recommendations during the January 2016 Township Board Meeting. This report includes a projected cost and schedule for both maintenance and reconstruction for all the blacktop roads in the Township.

A Special Township Meeting was held October 2016 to increase the 2017 tax levy, and residents of the Township, not the Board, voted to fund the first year of the CIP.

Braun Intertec Paved and Gravel Road Evaluation — April 2015
New Market Paved Roads Reconstruction Map — 2017

Roadway Maintenance

Gravel Road Maintenance

Approximately 10,000 tons of supplemental gravel have been added to Township roads in recent months. Locations are noted on the map. The gravel has successfully met all material testing requirements and is in place prior to dust coating.

Gravel Road Maintenance

Paved Road Maintenance

Here is a map showing the projected maintenance for paved roads for years 2017 to 2021.

Paved Road Maintenance

Snow Plowing Policy

New Market Township maintains over 50 miles of roads and streets and over two dozen cul-de-sacs. To keep roads and streets safe after a snow event, a policy was laid down in 2009 for the efficient removal of snow. Read the policy.

Snow Plowing Policy
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